George was a great trainer. I really enjoyed working with him. Responsible, on time, never missed a session. He kept it interesting mixing in new exercises. Also, pleasant to work out with. I moved out of NY otherwise i'd still be training with him.


I've been working with George for many years, and he's helped me become stronger and fitter. Beyond that he's great guy and great to work with: flexible, easy to schedule with, caring, and kind. I wholeheartedly recommend him!


George has helped me improve my overall fitness for many years. I've worked with him for strength training and balance issues, and am so pleased with the results. The session goes fast and is an efficient and focused approach. He is very experienced and can target issues that I bring up perfectly.


I am a former client of George Garcia's. He was a great trainer, who also provided nutritional advice and support outside of the gym. He helped me to strengthen areas that were previously weak and I lost weight in the process. George made training an enjoyable experience, which I really appreciated.


I have been training with George Garcia since 2006, and have found him to be an extremely competent personal trainer, who worked closely with me to understand my particular health needs. When I commenced training with George, I weighed 220lbs and had approximately 20% body fat. After 6 months my weight was 195 lbs with a body fat ratio of 6%. George is a true professional, who is considerate and was always flexible with me in terms of scheduling. I would highly recommend George, as he possesses all the qualities of an excellent personal trainer.


So, one day I walked into the gym and approached the manager about working with a trainer. He didn't ask me one question about me or what I was striving to accomplish. Instead, he pointed to one of his trainers and told me his price. Customer service at its best.

Luckily, my husband had already been scouting trainers for me and told me this guy George was the right guy for ME. He was right.

From the second you meet him, you'll realize he's just a cool dude (I don't always agree with his fashion choices, but it works for him) who wants you to succeed.

George motivated me. He pushed me, but he always listened when I said I needed a minute or if something hurt. He paid attention to and corrected my form to ensure I was getting the most from each move and, when I was ready to give up, he would always help / spot me and tell me I could do it. In each session, we accomplished a lot, had great conversations and laughed, a lot.

When George moved from that particular gym to train in a private facility, I followed. We worked out inside. We worked out outside. We got shit done.

And so - I highly recommend George. He's a great mentor and friend. He knew my limits and he pushed them just enough. I progressed. I got stronger. I saw results. And if you can get past his T-shirts and slip-on sneakers like I did then you won't regret it. Promise.


George is an unbelievably great trainer, the best. I’ve been working with him for almost 8 years. During that time, no two workouts have ever been exactly alike. He has enormous institutional knowledge that allows him to mix it up and customize your workout—whether it’s martial arts, weight training, core training, yoga, you name it. If you’re committed, he’ll get you ripped. He’s also a super guy, very supportive and fun to be with. Highly recommended!


George was my fitness coach for more than a year while I lived in NYC. He is a fantastic trainer; knows what to do at your various stages of fitness, but most importantly , he reads your body and mood well, adopting the training accordingly. I also felt he was attentative and focused on me as we trained, not chatting away with fellow coaches or other people he knew or being on the phone - as so often is the case. When I left NYC, not only did I leave behind a reliable and punctual coach, but I also left a good friend whom I have kept in touch with ever since! I highly recommend George; he’s got big muscles and an even bigger heart. And he will make you fit!


George is a super trainer - he pushes you to do you best, keeps the workouts varied so you don't get bored and became a good friend along the way! You can't go wrong with this guy!


I strength-trained with George while training for the NYC marathon in 2011. He was a great trainer and always punctual. I highly recommend George to anyone looking for a personal trainer.


George is a great trainer! I highly recommend him. He really knows this field and how to set up a varied, challenging training plan for each client. He helped me prepare for 3 very different endurance events (cycling, hiking, skiing). He is super personable, but, knows how to balance chitchat with pushing his clients to work hard.


George is a great trainer -- very focused on individual needs for strength and fitness. He's also a very affable and nice person.


George is fantastic! I have trained with him for 7 years. He's a very knowledgeable trainer, attentive, reliable, and personable. He'll get you in shape, and you'll actually enjoy it.


George Garcia is a very competent and knowledgeable trainer. Having witnessed first hand his dedication to his craft he is undoubtedly a professional that can help people from all walks of life.