GarciaFit.com by George Garcia.
Specializing in creating workouts tailored just for you.

25 years plus of Weight Training Experience

I am a KBC Kettlebell Certified Instructor. I have nearly 20 years of personal training experience, including Cardio Boxing/Kickboxing Instruction, Kettlebell Training, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Pre-Post Natal Training. I have 7 years of Kettlebell Training experience. I also have experience with TRX, VIPR as well. Other functional tools that can be incorporated into the program as needed.

Basic Strength - The focus on power lifting moments are combined with conditioning drills and various intervals. I try to stay in the realm of what the individual is willing to do. This combined with finding the balance between what a person needs to do, to not only improve their fitness level but their overall overall functionality. These are my primary tools in exercise selection and program design.

Basic Nutritional Guidance – Helping you make the best food choices, Calorie and Nutritional Tracking. Regular weight measurements and body fat testing can be incorporated upon the clients request.